Land Use Manager – Christina Goodwin

Planning/Zoning/Historic District Administrative Assistant – Jan Laferriere

Land Use Planner - TBD

Land Use Officer - Peter Daniels

Address 230 Lake Street Bristol, NH 03222
Telephone 603-744-3354
Fax 603-744-2521

Officer Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Project Review – Scheduled on Friday only

Meetings 2nd and 4th Wednesday of Each Month
Minutes Planning Board Minutes
Filing Dates Filing Dates and Application Deadlines

The Planning Board is responsible for the following:

Master Plan
The Master Plan is adopted and amended pursuant to RSAs 674:2-4. The purpose of the Master Plan is to aid the planning board in the performance of its duties. The comprehensive document contains multiple sections which provide a detailed plan for future growth based on sound planning principles, smart growth, housing needs, economic factors and wise resource management.

Capital Improvements Program (CIP)
The CIP is a recommended plan of municipal capital improvements projected over a period of at least six years. Its purpose is to aid the Selectmen and the Budget Committee in their consideration of the annual budget. (RSA 674:5) The planning board or CIP committee has complete control over the CIP, but statute requires the board or committee to confer with the Selectmen, Budget Committee and other local officials in the preparation of the CIP.

Subdivision and Site Plan Review
Subdivision and site plan regulations are adopted and amended by the planning board according to the procedures set forth in RSA 675:6. The law enables the planning board to adopt such regulations following a public hearing.

Excavations (RSA 155 E)
Local regulation of earth excavations.

Changes and updates to the Zoning Ordinance, Site Plan & Subdivision Regulations
The Planning Board regularly updates both the Zoning Ordinance and Site Plan/Subdivision Regulations after holding a public hearing announcing such changes.

The Bristol Planning Board meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. The meetings begin at 7:00 pm and are held in the downstairs conference room at the Bristol Town Offices, 230 Lake Street.

Approved Scenic Roads (RSA 231:157):

Hemphill Road - Approved 1973, Warrant Article #6,

Round Top Mountain Road, now known as New Chester Mountain Road - Approved 1973, Warrant Article #6,

Peaked Hill Road - Approved 1975, Warrant Article #15,

Smith River Road - Approved 1976, Warrant Article #16.

Denice DeStefano, Chairperson  
Clay Dingman, Vice Chairman  
Elizabeth Seeler  
Dan Paradis  
Don Milbrand, Select Board Representative  
Sathesh Mani - Alternate  
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C - Corridor Commercial
DC - Downtown Commercial
I - Industrial
L - Lake
R - Rural
VC - Village Commercial
VR - Village Residential
Pemigewasset Overlay
Wetlands Conservation Overlay
Historic Overlay

FILING DATES/DEADLINES/FEES - Please note that Applications to the Planning Board have specific deadlines for filing the application in order to have a hearing. A project could take at minimum 30 days to get through the process.
Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Land Use Fees
Lot Size and Setback Guidelines
Business Permitting Process Checklists
Business Permitting Process - Introduction
Checklist 1 - For properties located in - Historic District
Checklist 2 - For properties located in - Lake, Pemigewasset Overlay, or Wetlands Overlay Conservation Districts
Checklist 3 - For properties located in - Village Commercial, Village Residential, Downtown Commercial, Corridor Commercial, Rural, or Industrial Districts
Site Plan Review & Subdivision Regulations
Appendix A - Figure 1 and Figure 2
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Notice of Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Minor Site Plan Process
Minor Site Plan Application
Minor Site Plan Checklist
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Notice of Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Site Plan Process
Site Plan Application
Site Plan Acceptance and Review Checklist
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Notice of Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Subdivision Review Application
Subdivision Review Checklist
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Notice of Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Special Use Permit Application
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Conditional Use Permit Application
Notice of Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Notice of Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Wireless Service Facilities Process
Wireless Service Facilities Checklist
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Lot Line Adjustment Memo
Lot Line Adjustment Application
Notice of Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Notice of Voluntary Merger of Lots or Parcels
Abutter's Guide
Abutter Notification List
Application for Earth Excavation
Excavation Application Acceptance Checklist
Excavation Regulations
Chapter 155-E Local Regulation Excavations
Floodplain Information
Dept of Homeland Security - Floodproofing Certificate for Non-residential Structures
FEMA - Elevation Certificate and Instructions
FEMA Maps Service Center Instructions
Floodplain Management Program - 12 Key Floodplain Management Regulations
Floodplain Management Program - Elevation Certificate
Floodplain Management Program - Letter of Map Amendment
The Floodway
Technical Bulletin 1 - Openings in Foundation Walls and Walls of Enclosure below Elevated Buildings
Technical Bulletin 2 - Flood Damage - Resistant Materials Requirements for Buildings
Technical Bulletin 3-93 - Non-residential Floodproofing - Requirements and Certification
Technical Bulletin 7-93 - Wet Floodproofing Requirements for Structures
"Community Survey Results - 2013 "
Master Plan
Smart Growth Audit
Smart Growth Matrix
Wind Farm Letter
Lakes Region Planning Commission
NH Office of Energy and Planning
NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program
New Hampshire Statutes for Planning & Zoning
Plan New Hampshire