Total Energy Consumption for 2018-19 Period
Total Energy Consumption for 2018-19 Period

Town of Bristol Waste Water Treatment Facility and Water Supply

The first step in achieving the stated goals is to identify the largest consumers of electricity. For the town of Bristol, the Waste Water Treatment Facility is the largest consumer of power representing approximately $42,000 of cost during the 2018-19 12 period.  A plot illustrating the total electrical consumption for town operated sewer and water facilities is shown in the figure.

To help understand what measures can be made to reduce energy consumption in these operations, an independent study was conducted in 2019 by Process Energy Services LLC to review and make recommendations for improvements. This study was funded by the State of NH Department of Environmental Services. The final report of this study was issued on March 26th and is available at this link for review.

On April 20, 2019, a web meeting was held to review the recommendations presented in the reports. The following peopled attended this meeting:

Jeff Chartier:               Bristol WWTF Manager

Mark Toussaint:          Energy Consultant Eversource

Sharon Nall:                NH Wastewater Engineering Bureau

Steve Bolles                Consultant Process Energy Services

Anita Avery:                 Bristol Select Board

Luis Adorno:                NH DES Environmental Program Manager

Randy Perkins:            Energy Consultant Eversource.

Paul Bemis:                 Bristol Energy Committee Chair

A recording of the meeting has been posted it to Vimeo for review using the following link:

Jeff Chartier will be assuming the lead role of working with the Eversource representatives to obtain and cost supporting measures that can be obtained.