Fire Department Personnel

The Bristol Fire Department is a combination department. The Department employees approximately 30 Firefighters and EMS Providers, the majority of which are call members. Call members are citizens in the community who have full-time jobs outside of the Bristol Fire Department, but are available day and night to respond to emergencies. 

To handle the majority of emergencies, and day-to-day operations the Department has 8 Career employees. All Career staff are Firefighters and EMTs. This cross training allows the department to be prepared for any emergency that we are asked to respond to. All Career employees are certified to at least the Advanced EMT level with 3 employees trained to the Paramedic level.

The Fire Chief and Day Firefighter are scheduled during the weekday, daytime hours. The remaining 6 career employees are assigned to one of three shifts.

The Fire Chief oversees the administration and operations of the Fire Department, as well as serving as the town's Fire Warden and Emergency Management Director. The Deputy Fire Chief is a call employee who works the Fire Chief to ensure department operations are supported in the absence of the Fire Chief.

Organizational Chart