COVID-19: Updates & resources for community members

This page will be updated regularly to keep Bristol residents and visitors informed of how COVID-19 is impacting the Town of Bristol.

Information about COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

World Health Organization:

  • Travel advice
  • How to protect yourself, including details on social distancing
  • Situation updates

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center:

New Hampshire Health and Human Services:

  • Number of COVID-19 cases in New Hampshire
  • Map of counties with confirmed COVID-19 cases
  • All New Hampshire released guidance:
  • Information for residents (Guidance for first responders, health care facilities, information about Medicare, and more)
  • Governor’s Reopening Task Force:

    • the tabs for Covid Expenditures and Transparency is where information is published regarding funds that are being awarded under the various funding streams

    • Public Health reopening Concerns/Complaints can be emailed to [email protected] until the new, single site is set up by the Attorney General’s office

Additional information and resources

COVID-19 Health Information
For information about what to do if you feel sick, suspect exposure to COVID-19, or are having a behavioral health crisis and need to manage stress, please visit the COVID-19: Health Information page at:

Assistance For Indivuals
For information about unemployment, groceries delivered to seniors in the Newfound Area and other assistance to indviduals, please visit the COVID-19: Assistance for Individuals page at:

Assistance For Businesses and Nonprofits
For information about federal and state funding being made available to businesses, and how local utilities are offering support, please visit the COVID-19: Assistance for Businesses and Nonprofit page at:

Scam Alerts
There are a number of scams currently. Learn what to look for and how to protect yourself and your business from these threats:

Spring and Summer Updates
For information and updates on the status of spring and summer recreation, events, and more please visit the Spring and Summer Resources page at:

Local Closures and Remote Services Offered
For information on the status of town services, the library, Tapply-Thompson Community Center, parks and beaches, and more please visit the Local Closures and Remote Services page at:

Best Practices and Messages From Local Leaders
Messages and videos from local leaders on not flushing wipes, how to properly remove gloves, notice of property assessments, and more can be found on the Local Public Service Annoucements page at: