Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for the following: 

Master Plan: Adopted and amended pursuant to RSA's 674:2 - 4, the Master Plan aids the Planning Board in the performance of its duties. The comprehensive document considers future growth based on sound planning principles, smart growth, housing needs, economic factors and wise resource management. 

Capital Improvements Program (CIP): The CIP plan is a recommended plan of municipal capital improvements projected over a period of at least six years. It aids the Select Board and the Budget Committee in their consideration of the annual budget (RSA 674:5). The CIP Committee (reporting to the Planning Board) has complete control of this plan, but statute requires them to confer with the Select Board, Budget Committee and other local officials during the plan's preparation. 

Subdivision & Site Plan Review: Regulations for subdivision and site plan review are adopted and amended by the Planning Board according to the RSA 675:6. This law enables the Board to adopt such regulations after a public hearing. 

Excavations: RSA 155:E allows for local regulation of earth excavations.

Zoning Ordinance Updates: The Planning Board regularly updates the Bristol Zoning Ordinance after a public hearing to discuss potential changes and all changes are submitted for approval by the voters each year on the ballot.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Christina Goodwin Land Use Manager (603) 744-3354 x112

Board Members

Name Title
Don Milbrand Select Board Representative
Denice DeStefano Chair
Elizabeth Seeler Member
Jacqueline Elliott Member
Bruce Beauvirage Alternate Member
Randall Kelley Vice-Chair
JP Morrison Alternate Select Board Representative