Town Beaches

The public has two municipal beaches to enjoy in Bristol. Avery-Crouse Beach is located off Shore Drive at the “foot of the lake,” while Cummings Beach offers a more rustic option located off West Shore Road. There is no lifeguard on duty at either beach at any time. Beach Attendants staff the beaches June 15 to Labor Day Weekend. Parking during this time is for beach patrons only in designated spaces only. Beach hours are 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. No parking 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.

*Attention: COVID-19 Related Information (posted May 22, 2020)*

The Select Board met on May 21 and decided that the Town Beaches would be opened starting June 17. The beaches will be staffed by attendants this year as usual. Annual permits will be sold and guest permits will be sold, but no day passes will be sold this year. This means that parking is limited to Bristol taxpayers and guests (guests and family members of property owners).

Purchasing your passes. This year, you can <only> purchase beach passes at the Town Office. We will be setting up staff at the back-side entrance of the Town Office at 5 School Street. Tentative start dates for this set up will be the 27th-29th, 8am-noon, and thereafter Monday-Friday, 8am-noon. There will be no transactions at the beaches. No pass, you will be asked to go to the Town Office and get a pass first. Annual Passes are $5.00 and Guest Passes are $50.00 per week. More details will come next week when we solidify them.

Portapotties will be at the beaches and will not be cleaned daily, so use at your own risk. Picnic tables will not be put out this year. There will be lots of signage about keeping space between each other. Beach Attendants will be educating and working with attendees to follow guidelines provided by the CDC and State.

Regarding parking, there are parking spaces on Shore Drive for Avery-Crouse Beach and in a parking lot along Cummings Beach. No parking is allowed on unmarked areas of Shore Drive and no parking is allowed on West Shore Road. Parking rules will be strictly enforced through ticketing and towing.

Furniture or other personal property left unattended for more than 3 hours consecutively will be removed to a centralized location. Owners may claim such property, during the same day, from the Beach Attendant. If furniture or other personal property is not claimed and left overnight, then it will be removed from the Beach. Owners may then claim such property from the Bristol Police Department.

All other rules of the Town Beach Ordinance apply.

Most importantly, this only works if we all work together by being courteous, patient and respectful. Personal responsibility is the name of the game. Beach Attendants are people. Treat them like you would your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, etc. The same goes for conduct toward your fellow attendees. If the beaches come to the point where people are continually unruly and pose a danger to themselves and others, the Select Board will revisit the opening of the beaches. Lastly, a reminder that the beaches are pack in and pack out. That means bring back with you what you took in. No masks and gloves on the ground, no trash of other kinds. As a community, we can set an example for the rest of the State of how to do this right. We're counting on you!

Thank you!