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Our Mission

We the Water and Sewer Department exist to serve the best quality of water possible to all of our customers. Through many miles of pipe, throughout our distribution system we continuously monitor the water for possible contaminants that may affect public safety. We also supply through the same system, fire protection by means of 159 fire hydrants and a storage reservoir of a million gallons of water. We the Sewer Department exist to serve our customers with a collection and treatment system, for their sewage disposal, this is accomplished by gravity fed sewers, pump stations and forced mains, which deliver wastewater to the treatment facility. At that point the wastewater is treated by means of oxidation ditches, clarifies, sludge removal and disinfection before allowing to discharge the effluent into the Pemi River, guidelines must be met in our discharge permit that is regulated by State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, and Federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jeff Chartier, Superintendent Water / Sewer Superintendent
Carrie Nyberg Office Manager
Jesse Lamos Wastewater Treatment Facility Chief Operator
Joel Furmanick Assistant Wastewater Treatment Operator
Kenneth Pelletier Water Distribution & Sewage Collection Chief Operator
Justin Merwin Assistant Water Distribution & Sewage Collection Operator