When it comes to who has or doesn’t have COViD-19, we don’t have any more information than you do.

Bristol Health Officer and Emergency Management Director response to rumors of who may or may not have COViD-19 in our community.

During the COViD-19 Pandemic we are being asked to take precautions that are designed to limit exposure and slow the spread of this disease. This includes social distancing, avoiding crowds, and good hygiene practices such as hand cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. 

Even as we take these steps many of us, our friends and neighbors, are still going to possibly come in contact and catch this very transmissible virus. Please note the following:

- Local Health Officials are not told any information on who has it or where they live

- If a person tests positive for COViD-19 state/hospital officials will work with the person to determine who they may have come in contact with

- Rumors and hearsay will be rampant as we go through this and, in many cases, will be rumors and hearsay.

- It is more important during this time to continue to follow recommendations on social distancing, and good hygiene practices

- If you develop symptoms contact your PCP

- Keep monitoring https://www.townofbristolnh.org/home/news/covid-19-updates-resources-community-members for the latest news, updates, and resources!”