Voter Registration

Who Can Register:

Bristol residents who will be 18 years of age or older on election day, and a United States Citizen, may register with the Town Clerk up to 10 days before any election. You may also register on Election Day at the polling place. Registrants must provide the Town Clerk proof of qualification including photo identification or social security card and proof of residency (examples include: statement from landlord, utility bill/receipt, or bank statement.) There is no minimum period of time you are required to have lived in the state before being allowed to register. You may register as soon as you move into your new community.

Absentee Registration:

If you meet the state's voter requirements and qualifications and are unable to register in person because of physical disability, religious beliefs, military service, or because of temporary absence, you may register by mail. You should request an Absentee Registration Affidavit and a Voter Registration Form from the Town Clerk. The Absentee Registration Affidavit must be witnessed and then both the affidavit and the voter registration form are to be returned to the Town Clerk.

Armed Services:

An armed service voter may apply for an absentee ballot from the Town Clerk. Armed service voters are eligible to vote for all offices.

Absentee Ballots:

Absentee ballots are available from the Town Clerk 30 days prior to an election. Request the absentee ballot application from the Town Clerk or submit a request in writing which should include your name, voting address, mailing address and signature. The Town Clerk may accept completed absentee ballots submitted in person until 5:00pm the day before an election or until 5:00pm on Election Day if received through the mail.

Political Parties:

When registering to vote, you will not be required to register as a member of a political party (republican or democratic) — you may register as an undeclared voter. Undeclared voters may declare a party and vote at any primary. The law allows an undeclared voter to declare a party at the polls, vote the ballot of that party, and then change their party affiliation back to undeclared simply by completing the form available from the Supervisors of the Checklist at the polling place. Voters may also change their party affiliation at the Town Clerk’s Office. If you are unsure of your party affiliation, you should contact the Town Clerk’s Office, as they have the records of party membership.