Awards & Recognition

2007 Improved Operation and Maintenance Award

The Wastewater Facility in the Town of Bristol NH was chosen as the 2007 EPA Region 1 recipient of most Improved Operation and Maintenance Award. Region one includes Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.

This Award is given to wastewater facilities that have shown major improvements over the year or past several years. The State of NH Department of Environmental Services had nominated Bristol’s Wastewater facility based on improvements in process control as well as many innovative devices that had been designed and implemented at the facility such as “Heated splashguard”, boat shrink-wrap cover for the clarifier, and a sight gage for the sludge tank. All of these improvements, however rudimentary they may be, worked well for the facility and allowed for the time previously spent in dealing with a frozen solid rotor on the oxidation ditch or frozen surface on the clarifier, for the staff to concentrate on operations and process control.

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